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Zebra (formerly Motorola / Symbol) RS409 Ring Barcode Scanner

This product line has been discontinued. Please refer to  Zebra (formerly Motorola / Symbol) RS419 Corded Wearable Laser (1D) Ring Barcode Scanner
This product is discontinued, Please call 866-271-9891 for the latest product

Motorola RS409 Ring Scanner

Next-gEneration Wearable Scanner Delivers Maximum Functionality in a Minimal Footprint
The tiny RS409 Ring Scanner from Motorola offers the ideal blend of form and function, allowing unparalleled freedom of movement in scanning, picking, and sorting applications. Part of the WT4000 Series Wearable System, this lightweight device delivers hands-free ergonomic comfort, the latest in scanning technology, and the rugged design to endure everyday use indoors and outdoors. The RS409 can scan near or far, can be worn directly on the finger or over a gloved hand, and is ideal for a wide range of applications — from workers picking product in a warehouse or processing deliveries in a postal facility, to hospitality workers scanning lift tickets on a ski slope.

Superior Scanning Performance
When it comes to scanning, the lightweight RS409 offers performance and reliability you can count on. The device delivers accurate reading of even poorly printed and damaged bar codes on the first scan. Its highly advanced retro-collective optical design provides an extremely wide working range — from one inch to over four feet — with rapid reading regardless of lighting conditions or bar code symbology. And the scanner’s low power consumption ensures more-than-ample battery power for a full shift.

Rugged Design for Reliable Every Day Use
The rugged design offers improved impact protection for reliable operation in the roughest environments. The scan engine is better isolated and protected from the routine impacts and shocks associated with everyday drops and bumps. Fragile silicon mirrors have been replaced with a frictionless Liquid Polymer scan element that won’t wear out. The trigger is built to last, rated for over one million actuations. And the new housing offers improved abrasion resistance in the most vulnerable spots.

State-of-the-Art Ergonomics for Ease of Use and Maintenance
The ergonomic design makes data capture a breeze in any environment. The RS409 is designed to provide maximum user comfort, regardless of hand size or preferred hand position. The new swivel feature allows users to easily switch from right to left hand use in seconds, eliminating time previously spent removing and re-threading the strap. And the removable finger strap is completely isolated from the scanner — each operator can now be issued a personal finger strap for improved hygiene.

Maximum Value
Whether your workers need both hands to pick fragile or other goods or need the comfort of hands-free scanning for scan-intensive applications, the RS409 provides the features and functionality to streamline processes, help improve worker productivity — and deliver a rapid return on investment. With built-in durability, you can count on maximum device uptime for a remarkably low total cost of ownership. And since even the most intelligent products require a maintenance plan and a support strategy, Motorola provides a full complement of service offerings to maximize uptime and maintain peak performance.

Rental and Repair of Zebra (formerly Motorola / Symbol) RS409 Ring Barcode Scanner is available - call for details

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Zebra Enterprise (Formerly Motorola / Symbol), RS409, Corded Wearable Ring 1D Laser Barcode Scanner (Standard Range, Cabled to hip mount Terminal)

This part is replaced by  RS419-HP2000FLR

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Zebra Enterprise (Formerly Motorola / Symbol), RS409, Corded Wearable Ring 1D Laser Barcode Scanner (Standard Range, Cabled to wrist mount Terminal)

This part is replaced by  RS419-HP2000FSR

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