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Zebra (formerly Motorola / Symbol) SB1-HC Smart Badge for Healthcare

Zebra (formerly Motorola / Symbol) SB1-HC Smart Badge for Healthcare

This brand new category of mobile device is the smallest form factor yet to provide nurses and clinical staff with a core set of vital features that can improve patient safety and staff productivity. With a task management application, you can distribute personal dynamic task lists that keep staff focused on the right assignments. Barcode scanning helps streamline task execution and improve task accuracy, from equipment and building maintenance to inventory management and patient transport. And with push-to-talk, workers can easily get an instant answer to an urgent question. The result? A higher standard of care. More efficient staff. And a better patient experience.

Improve the quality of care and the patient experience with the SB1-HC.
In hospitals and clinics, there are literally thousands of tasks that need to be performed every day — and the timeliness and accuracy of those tasks directly impacts the quality of care patients receive. But the cost of outfitting your entire healthcare staff with a mobile device that can streamline and improve task management has been prohibitive — until now. The SB1-HC is an affordable mobile device that provides every healthcare staff member with the features and functionality required to ensure swift action and task accuracy. With its ability to run task management applications, you can easily create a task list for each worker and track task status, while robust bar code scanning streamlines and error-proofs the execution of a wide variety of tasks. For example, technicians can scan equipment —such as holter recorders, pulse oximeters and defibrillators —to validate maintenance is about to be performed on the proper piece of equipment. Items in a supply cabinet can be scanned to automate inventory counts and replenishment, ensuring that critical supplies are always available when needed. And patient porters can scan the bar codes on patient wristbands upon pick-up and arrival to ensure that the right patient is being delivered to the right location. In addition, this tiny device has what it takes to handle life in a healthcare organization. The touch screen works even with a gloved hand. The device is designed to handle constant disinfecting with harsh chemicals. And a military standard drop specification and environmental sealing ensure dependable operation, despite drops, spills, exposure to heat and cold and more.

Small, lightweight and wearable
The compact, light SB1-HC is easily worn on a lanyard, belt clip or armband, where it is available to healthcare staff in an instant.

Full shift power
The SB1-HC provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing workers will always have more than ample power for a full shift. The low-power E Ink display provides over 14 hours of battery life from a single charge. And in badge mode, the screen can display a healthcare worker’s picture and name whenever the device is not in use — yet draw virtually no power at all.

Built for constant disinfecting
Special plastics and IP54 sealing enable the regular wipedowns required to prevent the spread of germs between patients and caregivers.

Durable — designed for everyday use
The SB1-HC is a true enterprise product, built to handle everyday use in the hospital, easily surviving drops, spills, exposure to heat and cold and more.

Easy to read — everywhere
The 3 in. E Ink® Pearl display is easy to read in virtually every lighting condition.

Easy ‘touch’ navigation
Finger-style navigation eliminates the need for a stylus and supports a gloved hand.

Fast and easy capture of any bar code
With omni-directional scanning, an integrated aimer, LED and beeper, scanning a 1-D or 2-D bar code couldn’t be easier — even if bar codes are dirty, damaged or poorly printed.

Built for sharing
No need to assign devices — healthcare workers can simply log in at the start of a shift to automatically access their personal task list, messages and authorized applications.

Screen inversion for easy viewing
An accelerometer instantly orients the screen 180° based on device position for instant viewing — crucial in the critical world of healthcare.

Easily connect to wireless networks
With our Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n radio, your staff gets a secure and solid wireless connection to your WLAN — so voice and data features are simply always available.

Enterprise-class push-to-talk1
At the press of a button, an SB1-HC user can talk to other staff who are carrying virtually any mobile device — an SB1-HC, a Zebra mobile computer (such as the MC40), a two-way radio1 or popular third party smartphones.

Government grade security protects patient data
FIPS 140-2 certification2 keeps sensitive patient information safe and helps achieve compliance with healthcare-related government regulations, such as HIPAA .

1. The Zebra Solutions Push-to-Talk Express client is required on all devices (initiating and receiving) to enable push-to-talk services with mobile computers and third-party smartphones. Zebra Solutions Radio Link is required to enable push-to-talk with two-way radios.

2. Available Q2 2014

Rental and Repair of Zebra (formerly Motorola / Symbol) SB1-HC Smart Badge for Healthcare is available - call for details

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