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PointOS Professional Software

PointOS Professional Software

Professional Overview
PointOS Professional is a full featured, easy to use point of sale software package, designed by In The Biz people for In The Biz people. With simple-to-use as it's number one goal, we've managed to pack in every feature expensive point of sale software contains plus many more not found anywhere else, at a price you can afford.

Cost Benefits
Inventory control allows you to figure out your inventory in a simple and straightforward way. You will be able to get your liquor cost, cost of goods, and tell if there is product shrinkage.

The customer features will give you the tools to create that neighborhood bar or restaurant feel, by making each customer feel like they are a part of your business. Customers can receive email newsletters and even pick their own songs from the integrated jukebox.

Designed For
PointOS Professional has all of the tools necessary for the hospitality industry. It is designed for bars, clubs, and restaurants of all sizes from one register to multi-station setups. It also features the latest tools to stop the sale of prohibited items from being sold to underage customers.

Setup And Installation
PointOS Professional will run on virtually any Microsoft Windows machine. It installs in just minutes, and with a little bit of easy setup using the Manager area, you'll be up and running in no time.

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