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Professional WLAN Site Surveys for optimal performance

     Whether you are installing a new system or need a "tune up" for an existing environment, a professional WLAN site survey is indispensable in ensuring top performance of your network. Far too often all the attention is focused on hardware selection before considering the physical environment it will be operating in.

Example of an interior office heatmap:

Example of inside site survey heatmap

     Legacy's on-site professional services team conducts wireless site surveys using the industry's most advanced software. We deliver a comprehensive view of the environment detailing recommended hardware, location of access points, antenna types, sources of potential interference and even the difference between 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels.

Some recent projects
  • 230,000 sq ft distribution center
  • 125,000 sq ft multi-floor hospital
  • 650,000 sq ft underground warehouse
  • 800,000 sq ft mixed use office warehouse
  • 1,300,000 sq ft manufacturing and warehouse facility

Top 3 WLAN Mistakes

  • I'll just do it myself
  • While walking around the warehouse with a laptop will give rudimentary information such as signal strength and possibly signal to noise ratio, it will not tell you about potential sources of interference, spectrum analysis, or co-channel interference, common problems with WLAN environments.
  • I'll just add more access points
  • Maybe, but adding more access points can actually make the problem worse, increasing the chances of co-channel interference because of excessive overlap.
  • Automatic Power Tuning Access Points - problem solved?
  • Not really. Without analysis using proper software, understanding the working environment and the other equipment being used (even by neighbors) APT access points can actually attenuate themselves down to the point where signal strength is lost.

Call today to speak to a services expert about site surveys

Example of exterior heatmap:
Example of outside site survey heatmap