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Wavelink Speakeasy Voice Driven Data Collection Software

Wavelink Speakeasy Software

Your application can speak for itself

The benefits of voice technology to your enterprise are endless, and with Wavelink Speakeasy™, you do not have to worry about a time consuming and cost-prohibitive implementation. Speakeasy delivers low-cost, high quality integration of client-side, voice driven data collection into existing terminal emulation and web-based applications, such as an industrial browser.

Adding Voice has been proven to deliver 99% accuracy and a significant improvement in productivity to warehouse applications such as data-entry, picking and processing. Voice also dramatically improves safety by allowing workers to work in a hands and eyes-free environment. Voice can now be extended beyond traditional applications like voice-picking and improves business processes outside the four walls, such as mobile inspections, field services and yard management.

Requiring no changes to back-end WMS systems, no new voice servers or new voice specific devices, no voice profile training and no recurring costs of managing voice profiles and new servers, Speakeasy maximizes productivity and minimizes support and administration costs.

Why Speakeasy?

  • Speaker independent: Many voice solutions rely upon user-specific voice profiles and continual management. Speakeasy utilizes a powerful and proven speech recognition engine from Nuance eliminating the need for voice profiles and a speaker dependent option for challenging environments.
  • Multi-modal input: Unlike legacy voice solutions, Speakeasy is multi-modal and can use a combination of voice, barcode scanning and keyboard entry allowing employees to continue their work without interruption if a voice server goes down.
  • No server revisions required: Speakeasy is the only voice-enabling technology for terminal emulation implemented on the mobile device itself.
  • Workforce flexibility: With Speakeasy organizations gain the flexibility to quickly and easily direct their workers to the areas where they are most needed. With the help of Speakeasy’s voice direction a worker that traditionally works in one area can be reassigned to another area or function without additional training. Speakeasy can be configured to speak instructions to the worker who in turn can ask Speakeasy for help when needed.
  • On demand command and control: Speakeasy offers a series of speech-to-text on demand controls that allow the worker get more out of Speakeasy. These controls let the worker say a command which then changes a setting in Speakeasy. For example, when a worker says louder, the text to speech volume increases, likewise, when the worker says softer the volume decreases. Additional controls include repeat, exit, help, skip, previous, slower/faster. Customizable to specific needs: With the Wavelink® scripting engine, on-screen text or custom phrases are vocalized through the emulation screen. Further customizable elements include vocabularies, languages and voices.
  • Connection persistence: As the pioneer of server connection persistence technology, Wavelink offers proven solutions you can count on for demanding environments and applications. In use around the world for over fifteen years, Wavelink provides dependable mainframe application access in challenging RF environments or for sensitive applications where constant connectivity is critical.
  • Protects network bandwidth: Speakeasy eliminates negative impact on network bandwidth with 100% of the voice processing occurring on the mobile device. There is no need to expand the network infrastructure to accommodate the integration into legacy applications.

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Datalogic ADC, Software, Wavelink Speakeasy Voice Plug-in for TN, 130-LI-VPTNAD for Elf / Falcon X3 / Kyman / Memor / Skorpio / Skorpio X3

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Datalogic adc, software, Wavelink communicator, push to talk

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Zebra Enterprise (Formerly Motorola / Symbol), Software, Wavelink Speakeasy Voice Client (1 Client per Device, Requires 1 or 3 Year Software Support to be Ordered)

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Wavelink speakeasy voice plug-in for TN (for TN non-maintained customers)

This part is replaced by  DISCONTINUED

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Wavelink speakeasy voice plug-in for TN (for TN maintained customers)

This part is replaced by  DISCONTINUED

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Wavelink, Speakeasy runtime client, voice enabled plug-in, run-time license

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This part is replaced by  LXE-DISCONTINUED

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