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Wavelink Velocity Mobile Enterprise Browser Software

Wavelink Velocity Mobile Enterprise Browser

The Next Generation of Mobile Web Applications
Wavelink Velocity is Wavelink’s next generation mobile enterprise browser. Velocity is engineered to address key traditional browser shortcomings such as poor performance, connection interruptions, lack of scanner support and narrow OS platform support. It also introduces a new set of features to enhance web application performance. With industry-leading performance and connection persistence, Velocity is built to overcome traditional browser difficulties and limitations and performs in the most challenging environments. Velocity is designed for scanning intensive applications and is optimized for mobile workers. With Velocity, customers can easily and securely deploy their mission-critical web-based applications to all their mobile workers with connection persistence and rich and consistent HTML rendering.

The Solution
To maximize the mobile workforce and eliminate inconsistent rendering on mission critical applications, enterprises need Wavelink Velocity. With Wavelink’s Velocity companies gain increased end-user productivity and can extend mission-critical enterprise applications to mobile devices allowing enterprises to mobilize any host application from mainframe to Web-based and purpose-built applications.
Wavelink Velocity is optimized for challenging mobile environments with stellar performance, connection persistence and consistent superior rendering that, until now, was simply not available in other browsers used on ruggedized mobile computers and scanners. Without requiring web development knowledge, it is easy for any enterprise to simply install Velocity and get up and running with their web applications in minutes.

Why Velocity?
Designed for Today’s Mobile Worker
Unlike traditional browsers, such as Pocket IE, Velocity is built and optimized for ruggedized mobile computers with scanners and RFID. In the past, enterprises were forced to run web applications across a variety of different versions of Windows and Pocket IE, which led to inconsistent and unreliable user experiences. Velocity stabilizes and standardizes the user experience and provides advanced scanning functionalities, giving it features that no other industrial-grade browser has.
Velocity is mobile device manufacturer independent and offers broad and deep device and OS support with advanced scanning integration providing substantial flexibility to any enterprise.

Built for Wireless Networks
Most applications were not designed to be preformed wirelessly. Velocity is built for today’s environments where wireless connectivity is a necessity. Its fast and efficient architecture means it’s significantly faster than traditional browsers. Whether inside and/or outside the four walls and over either local or wide area connections, enterprises can deploy mission-critical web applications anywhere.

Session Persistence
Velocity provides a steady connection to the host, no matter the environment. Offering a robust middleware architecture, Velocity allows session and connection persistence, load balancing with redundancy and failover. Whether the user is roaming in and out of RF coverage, moving between Wi-Fi and 3G, the device reboots or goes to sleep, or even when connection is temporarily lost, Velocity ensures no session is dropped.

Terminal Emulation Migration Path
Organizations can seamlessly migrate from terminal emulation to Web-based applications and enjoy device flexibility on Wavelink’s next generation mobile browser. With Velocity, IT departments are even able to move to voice directed mobile application user interaction with Wavelink Speakeasy. With Speakeasy quickly and easily add text-to-speech and speech-to-text to existing “voice-ready” AIDC mobile devices.

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