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Part Number: Q3B-MUNAV000-00
Model Name: QL320
Manufacturer: Zebra
Category: Discontinued Products
Description: Zebra, QL320, Mobile Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printer (2.9in print width, 203 dpi, 4 ips, 2MB Ram / 2MB Flash, US / Canadian English / Latin 1 & 9 (including Turkish), wireless LAN (802.11 b/g/n) connectivity, linered platen, US / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Mexico / Nicaragua regions, includes standard belt clip)
Specifications sheet (PDF)  Specifications sheet (PDF) for Zebra QL320

This product has been discontinued. Please refer to  ZEBRA-DISCONTINUED
This product is discontinued, Please call 866-271-9891 for the latest product

Zebra QL320 Rugged Mobile Barcode Label Printer

Rugged Mobile Printers To Meet Your Changing Business Needs.
Need a printing partner tough enough for the concrete jungle? From warehouse floors to parking lots, there are no printers more durable than the QL series from Zebra.

The QL series of direct thermal printers has been designed with the most advanced technology in rubberized over-molding to maintain rugged construction and minimal weight. With center-loading media, smart battery monitoring and an optional LCD, they provide user-friendly options to keep your business moving.

QL series mobile printers enabled with secure wireless options are easily integrated into your infrastructure. Just a glance at the LCD, and you can read your network settings, or check the communications status. In addition, each printer can be assigned a unique IP address for monitoring over the network, and messages can be sent to the printer using the POP3 functionality. All of these features make the QL printer an integral part of your network environment.

The QL series’ QuickLink™ modules, in IrDA, Bluetooth®, or 802.11b, offer the flexibility to adjust to a wide range of connectivity needs.

  • The Wireless QuickLink Connection
    • Choose the QuickLink connectivity module that suits your needs:
    • 802.11b—the latest and greatest WLAN connectivity
    • Bluetooth—low-power consumption short-range connectivity
    • Cable-ready—connect to a wider variety of terminals than any other mobile printer
    • Support for advanced wireless security standards such as VPN and WPA
  • Meet the QL Series!
    • Connected today, connected tomorrow, constructed to last!
    • With the most feature-rich offering of any mobile printer in the market:
  • Rugged, Lightweight Printer
    • Rubber-infused plastic over-mold design for tough conditions
    • Damage-resistant to multiple drops of up to 5 feet
    • Weight of 2 pounds or less for effortless mobility
  • Load and Go!
    • Center-locking media loading
    • Engage the easy-to-use peel and present function with the flip of a bar
  • QuickLink Connectivity
    • Modules on the QL can be upgraded quickly and easily for added flexibility and capabilities, such as Bluetooth or 802.11b connectivity.
  • Law Enforcement
    • Electronic Citations
      • Use electronic citation systems and QL printers to replace handwritten tickets—and eliminate the cost, delay, and errors of manual data entry.
  • Distribution Applications
    • Forklift-Mounted Printing
      • With the QL420’s mobile mount option, forklift operators can print product identification, bin, and shipping labels at the point of application—without needing to run back to the shipping office to pick up labels.
  • Healthcare Applications
    • Specimen Labels
      • Healthcare facilities can print specimen labels at the point of collection, and also print a bar coded label for the patient’s chart, reducing the risk for dangerous misinformation.
    • Retail Pharmacy Labels
      • Retail pharmacies can scan the prescribed medicine and print bar coded labels with patient information when using the QL anywhere in the pharmacy, minimizing the risk for wrongly filled prescriptions.
  • Retail Applications
    • Price Marking
      • By printing and applying markdown labels at the location of the product via wireless LAN, retailers can respond to sensitive market changes more frequently.
    • Shelf Labeling
      • Use a QL to print one or multiple shelf labels at the point of application as required—avoiding waste and improving efficiency.
  • Route Accounting/Field Service Applications
    • Postal/Delivery Verification Slips
      • Use a QL printer to print delivery receipts at the point of transaction, confirming the actual items that transferred possession.
  • Shipping and Receiving Applications
    • Receiving Verification/Inventory Updates
      • Apply QL-printed bar code labels as deliveries are received to record product arrival, and scan these labels throughout the process for tracking purposes.
  • Manufacturing Applications
    • Pallet Labeling
      • When breaking into a pallet to remove a partial order, employees can label the partial, and re-label the pallet in real-time to maintain inventory accuracy.

With Zebra mobile accessories, users enjoy the utmost benefit from their mobile printing solution. Whether using our chargers or cases, users find Zebra quality extends beyond printers and into everything we offer.

Add dust and rain protection to your QL mobile printer with an environmental case. By adding an extra layer of protection, your printer will be well prepared for the harshest conditions.

QL Stands
Users of the QL series of mobile printers can purchase a resting spot for their printer while not in use. These convenient printer stands also are a useful spot to place the printer while toggling through options or programming the printer.

Users can also order a kickstand, as can be seen above on the QL 220, which props the printer on a flat surface. The kickstand can also be flipped upward for use as a carrying handle.

Mobile Mounts
Using the standard QL420 mobile mounting kit, users can place a mount in their forklift or truck to provide convenient storage for their QL420 while on the move. For smaller mounting surfaces the flexible RAM mount style Handi-Mount can be ordered . A fanfold media bin can also be attached to this mount, to extend the media capacity of the QL 420.

QL Series Lithium-Ion Chargers
Fast Charger: Charges a single QL series Li-Ion battery at a time in approximately 2–5 hours.

Quad Charger: Charges up to 4 QL series Li-Ion batteries at a time in approximately 2–5 hours.

Mobile Media
Zebra provides both in-stock and custom-made solutions for all applications, including more than 1,000 combinations of high-quality and reliable labels, tags, and receipts. All products are designed and tested on Zebra products to ensure optimum print quality.

Lithium-Ion Batteries
Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) cells represent the latest in mobile battery technology. They offer higher power-to-volume and power-to-weight than their nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium counterparts.

Zebra’s popular QL320 mobile printer, for print widths up to 3 inches, was the first to offer the flexibility of QuickLink radio modules to meet evolving needs and wireless standards. Count on its rugged design to endure tough manufacturing or shipping/ receiving environments.